How To Backup Your Important Data Automatically with Backup4all Lite

I’m sure that all of you have important data in your computer, if the data lost or broken, you would be so frustrate and feeling lost. Work documents, project data, school assignment data, college data, photo collection, family video, and other data should be backed up so that if there is something happened with your operation system or your computer, you won’t lose the data.

In this chance, I’ll show you a software you could use to back up any data you want automatically! Just like it used to be, this software could be downloaded free in limited time as giveaway. This software is Backup4all Lite.

Backup Your Important Data With Backup4all Lite

Backup Your Important Data With Backup4all Lite

Backup4all Lite is a backup data software for windows you could use to automatically back up any data you selected. Data and folder you selected would be backed up, protected by password and compressed to keep the back up size small.

Backup4all Lite is so easy to use for beginner. You could back up data you need, scheduling backup time, protecting it by password and restoring it anytime you want. Everything run automatically.

Backup4all Lite could be used in computer with Windows 7/Vista/2008 Server/XP/2003 Server/2000 operating system

Normally, Backup4all Lite sold with $19.95 price, but I’ll show you how to get it free in limited time:

1. Open this link:


2. Put your name and email in the form prepared and click on “Send”

Fill the existing forms to get Backup4all Lite

3. Open your email, you will get email from Backup4All contained Registration Name and Registration Key, copy the registration data to notepad to make it easier for you.

Copy Backup4all Lite Full Version License

4. Download Backup4all lite Installer here:

5. Double click on Backup4All lite installer you’ve just downloaded.

Double click Backup4all Lite Installer to Install Backup4all Lite

6. Select the language you want and click on “OK”

Select the Language you want and click OK to Install Backup4all Lite

7. Click on “next”.

Click Next to Install Backup4all Lite

8. Select on “I Accept the Agreement” and click on “Next”

Select I Accept..and then click next to Install Backup4all Lite

9. Select on “Complete” and click on “Install”

Click on Complete to Install Backup4all Lite

Click on Install to Install Backup4all Lite

10. tick on “Run Backup4all Lite 4” and click on “Finish”

Click Finish to Install Backup4all Lite

11. open Backup4all Lite and go to help -> Register

Click Register to activate Backup4all Lite

12. insert license you’ve got and click on “Register”

Insert Your License to activate Backup4all Lite

13. Your Backup4all lite have activated into full version.

Your Backup4all Lite Successfully Activated


The way to back up your important data with Backup4all Lite:

1. Open Backup4all Lite and click on “New”

Click on New to backup your data with Backup4all Lite

2. Fill in backup name and decide which location to store your backup data and then click on “Next”

Fill all backup details to backup your data with Backup4all Lite

3. Click on “Add Folder” and “Add File” to insert all file list you want to backup, then click on “Next”

Select the Data you want to backup with Backup4all Lite

4. tick on “Zip the files” then select on “Yes” and insert password if you want to protect your backup data with password. If it’s done, click on “Next”

Fill all backup details to backup your data with Backup4all Lite

5. Manage how often do you want the back up process run automatically, you could select manually, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. for password, you could fill in with your operating system password. Just let the password empty if you didn’t use password in your operating system.

Schedule and save your backup settings

6. Backup4all Lite will back up your data automatically.


My Review about Backup4all Lite :


In this version of Backup4all Lite, the scheduler used is scheduler from windows. It is different with its pro version which has used internal scheduler with more complete setting option


This Backup4all Lite is very easy to be used and doesn’t need larger resource. Compared with the other backup software, Backup4all Lite lighter and simpler.

Final Verdict :

“the most important things in your computer is what inside your harddisk”, so, protect your data with Backup4all Lite. Recommended!

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