How to Get UpdateStar 6 Premium Edition License Without Spending a Dime

There are dozens of software installed on the computer, and almost all the software are always updated regularly by its developer. Unfortunately, some of them are not updated automatically. Users should check and download the new software version manually. To make them easier when updating their installed software, users can install UpdateStar 6 Premium Edition. UpdateStar 6 Premium Edition will check and updates the installed software automatically. It will safe both of time and effort. However, you should pay $34.95 to get this software installed on your computer. This method below will explain how to get UpdateStar 6 Premium Edition license without spending a dime.

UpdateStar 6 Premium Edition

1. Visit the UpdateStar giveaway page.

2. Insert your valid email address then click on submit button. You can leave the company field blank.

Insert your valid email address then click on submit button

3. Check your email, you will find the UpdateStar 6 Premium Edition license.

Check your email, you will find the UpdateStar 6 Premium Edition license

4. Download UpdateStar 6 Premium Edition here and install the software.

5. At the first time you open UpdateStar, there will a registration window appeared, just close it. Then go to Premium Edition -> Enter License.

Close the registration window

Although UpdateStar email said that the license is valid for 6 months, you will get the unlimited time license.

unlimited time license

UpdateStar 6 Premium Edition allows users to set the automatic search period. There are 3 options, including daily, weekly and monthly. UpdateStar always running in the background to keep you informed with any new software updates.

Please note that this giveaway could be expired soon. Although UpdateStar 6 has a free version (Freeware) available, I’m not recommend you to use it. The free version forces you to buy the premium version. Furthermore, the free version features are very limited compared with UpdateStar 6 Premium Edition.

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