Improve your computer performance with Wintools.Net Ultimate Edition (Giveaway)

Slow computer is suck! Taking longer time to finish work, playing game not fun anymore, internet browsing felt uncomfort, and it’s all frustrated us! Lucky for you that you could be free from all of them. By Wintools.Net ultimate edition software, you could accelerate and raise your computer performance. How much its cost? For a limited chance, You could get it free as giveaway. Do you want to know? Keep reading this article… I would show you how…

Speed Up Your Computer with Ultimate Edition

Speed Up Your Computer with Ultimate Edition is a software for Microsoft windows containing application package to raise your computer performance. By Wintools.Net ultimate edition, you could manage startup process, clean disk drives from software you don’t want, clean up the computer registry, monitor your memory usage, customize desktop, manage system setting as you need, raise your internet stability and speed, keep your important and personal data, and many others.

Tools you may find in Wintools.Net Ultimate Edition:

1. Clean Uninstaller
Uninstalling software with windows standar method still left many unused “trash” which made your computer run slower. But if you uninstalled software with Clean uninstaller , clean uninstaller will do un-install in complete way starting from cleaning installation folder, registry, etc.

2. Scan Files
By using this tool, you could do scanning in your hard drive in scheduled way and erasing unused trash files. Free space of harddisk would increase and your hard drive speed would be optimum.

3. Scan Shortcuts
By using this tool, you could erase unused shortcuts (dead shortcuts). These shortcuts sometimes still existed in hard drive although you had uninstalled its software. Scan shortcuts would clean it.

4. Scan Registry
Scan registry clean registry from uninstalled application. This registry had invalid references which would decrease your computer system speed and loading acceleration.

5. Startup Manager
This tool could be used to accelerate your computer boot time. You could arrange what applications would be loaded in start up phase. You could activate, turn off, add, and erase application you want.

6. Tweak UI
This tool could be used to manage your windows operational system with option and choice which were not exist in Microsoft Windows basic component.

7. Net Tweaker
This tool could be used to accelerate stability and speed of your internet connection by changing your hidden network setting.

8. Your Privacy
This Tool would protect your important and personal data to be secured.

9. Invisible Man
This tool would protect your personal information from anybody else. It would be useful if you don’t want your computer keeping your data and activities (cache, history, etc).

10. File Shredder
File which has been erased with common way could be returned again using various file recovery software. But file which has been erased with File Shredder couldn’t be returned with any file recovery software!

11. IE Favorites
This tool could be used to erase, restore, and back up Internet Explorer favorites.

12. RAM Memory BOOSTER
Slow computer often caused by bad RAM management. This tool would be monitored, clean, and optimize your computer RAM so that your computer speed would increase rapidly.

Normally, Wintools.Net Ultimate Edition sold with $39.99 price, but with this ‘trick’, you could get it free as giveaway:

1. visit this link:


2. the page is still using German language (Deutsch), but jus calm, I would guide you step by step.

3. Copy the full version license in the page to notepad and save.

Copy Wintools Ultimate Edition License

4. Click on “Hier klicken” button to download Wintools.Net Ultimate Edition5.

Download Free Wintools Ultimate Edition

5. Double click on the installer.

Double Click Wintools Ultimate Edition Installer

6. Select the language you want to use and click “OK”

Choose Wintools Language and click OK

7. Click on “Next”

Click Next to Install Winstool Ultimate Edition

8. Select “I Accept..” And click “Next”

Choose I Accept.. and Click Next to Install Winstool Ultimate Edition

9. click “Next” a few times and click “Install”

Click Next several times

Click Install

10. Installation has finished, click “Finish”

Click Finish

11. Insert the license you’ve copied and click on “Weiter” button

Insert Wintools Full Version License

12. activation process has succeed, click “OK”

Wintools Activation Success, Click OK

13. Ultimate Edition in Deutsch has opened, to change it into English is very easy.
Go to “Optionen” -> “Sprache”

Change Wintools Language

Select the language you wanted and click “Apply”

Select Wintools Language and Click Apply

14. Ultimate Edition would change into English

Congratulations, you have Ultimate Edition software to accelerate your computer for free. This Software is free only in limited time. So please download as fast as you can, as long it’s still prepared


My Review about Ultimate Edition Giveaway

The version of free Ultimate Edition which considered as giveaway is version 8.1, while the latest version is 11.1., but just calm, since whether version 8.1 or 11.1 have no significant differences. Its tools and function are still the same.

Strength: Ultimate Edition supported many languages, has complete tools and very easy to operate. All tools used is very user friendly and has simple operating, even a beginner in computer could use it easily.

Final Verdict:
Install Ultimate Edition immediately before its giveaway period ended! RECOMMENDED!

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