Increase Your Productivity with Chrometa 2 ($99 for FREE!)

Have you ever felt it was a long time in front of your computer but your work doesn’t seems to be done? This is what I was feeling lately. Luckily, I found this software: Chrometa 2. This windows software will be very helpful for you who want to track your time activity when using your computer. Normally, Chrometa 2 sold for $99, but using the tricks I’ll give you below, you can get it for FREE.

Chrometa 2.0 Full Version to Track Your Activities While Using Computer

Chrometa 2.0 Full Version to Track Your Activities While Using Computer

Chrometa 2 is a software that specially designed to track and categorize your activities on your computer automatically. You don’t need to create and insert data manually. Chrometa 2 allows you to know how long you’ve been spend to read email, browsing, open software and apps, etc.

What are the features of Chrometa 2?

1. Track your activities automatically when you using your computer. No need insert data manually.

2. You can insert notes in each activities then you can open and read it whenever you want.

3. Protected by password. Your data and activities records will be save.

4. Track your time activity details when using your computer such as : reading emails, browsing internet, open documents, run softwares and apps, etc.

5. Details report about your activities duration.

6. Include option settings to prevent Chrometa 2 tracked any software you want.

Why you should track your activities when using your computers?

Nice question..! Hmmm…so what are the advantages by tracking your activities..? After I try this software, there are several advantages that you can get by tracking your activities when using computer, such as:

1. You can increase your productivity when working using your computer.

For you who often work using computer, you will know what of your most time-consuming activities. Read emails? access facebook? playing games? or finish your work? By knowing your most time-consuming activities, you can increase your work productivity by reducing the activities that unrelated with your job.

2. You’ll find it easier t schedule each of your activities.

Once you know how much time you’ve spend to read and reply emails, surfing, open facebook, finishing your work, etc. Then you will be easier to manage your schedule when using computer.

3. You’ll find your life more productive, effective, and efficient.

Chrometa 2 tells you what activity spend most of your time when you use your computer. After knowing it all, you can reschedule your activities based on their each priority. And as the result, you will be more organized, effective and efficient.

Personally, Chrometa 2 is very useful for me. For you who want to track your activities when working with computer, this software may be useful for you too.

Normally, Chrometa 2 sold for $99, but in limited time, you can get it for completely FREE as a giveaway! Simply follow these steps below to get chrometa 2 for free:

1. Open this link below:


2. Insert your first name, last name and your valid email address. Then click Submit button.

Fill the Form to Get Chrometa 2.0 Full Version

3. Open your email, you will get your Chrometa 2 full version license.

Chrometa 2.0 Full Version License

4. Download Chrometa 2 from this link below:

5. Click Download button

Download Chrometa 2.0 Full Version

6. Start to install Chrometa 2 by double-click chrometa-installer-

Double Click Chrometa 2.0 Full Version Installer

7. Click Next

Click Next to Install Chrometa 2.0 Full Version

8. Choose “I Accept..” option and click next

Choose I Accept and Click Next

9. Choose “Personal..” option and click next

Choose "Personal.." and Click Next

10. Click next for several time.

Click Next to Install Chrometa 2.0 Full Version

11. Click Install.

Click Install

12. Click Finish.

Click Finish

13. If there is a Java Instalation Window opened, Click Next to install the latest Java version.

Install The Latest Version of Java

14. After all of the instalation progress completed, open Chrometa 2.0

15. Go to Tools -> Option

Go to Tools - Option

16. On the License tab, insert your license key that you’ve got on your email before..then click validate.

Insert Chrometa 2.0 Full Version License and Click Validate

17. Enjoy Chrometa 2.0 Full Version (Worth $99) for FREE!

Chrometa 2.0 Full Version Completelly Installed

With Chrometa 2.0 full version, you can track your activities when using computer, knowing the duration of each activity and then you can manage your activities based on it’s priorities. If you use this software properly, I am sure you will be able to increase your productivity. Just believe me :)

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