Limited Giveaway: 100 Watermark Master Licenses!

Watermark is very important to protect our graphics or video files from illegal copying activity. There is several watermark software I have reviewed before, one of them is Video Watermark Pro. However, Watermark Master is really different with that software. Watermark Master allows you to create watermark from simple text, image file, animated GIF, and even from a video file. This software also has various effects to a watermark, including dynamic effects. It implies variation of the watermark in time, such as smooth appearance or disappearance of the watermark, movement of the watermark, etc. Watermark Master also lets you to put subtitles onto a video film. It supports DVD subtitles or SRT files as the subtitle source.

Limited Giveaway: 100 Watermark Master Licenses!

Furthermore, you can also remove any static object like a channel logo or codec artefact from a video or graphics file. There are two methods you could use to remove the static object. The first method is blurring the object. This method works by blurred the object based on several blur parameters. The second method is removing the object. This method works by replace the static object pixels with adjacent pixels.

Besides watermarking images and videos, Watermark Master also has additional features like:

1. Convert videos from one video format to another in a single click.
2. Create thumbnails from your videos.
3. Extract and remove a scene of any videos.
4. Extract DVD chapters and save them into separate files or a single file.
5. Merge and join video scenes, add full frame images into any position of a video file, replace audio stream in a movie, etc.

Watermark Master is not only useful as a watermarking software, but also useful as a home video editor. Thanks for Eclack Network and VideoCharge who share Watermark Master Giveaway. There is a license key of Watermark Master available to activate 100 PCs. You can download Watermark Master Giveaway here and find its license here.

PS: For unknown reasons, I got a little problem when trying to download this software. I’ve contact the developer and waiting for their reply. I’ll inform you with the latest information, as soon as they’re replied.

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