Make Your Computer Startup faster with Startup Faster!

Slow Computer startup process time often disturb me! And I’m sure that some of you also disturbed by that problem. For you who felt that your startup process got slower and slower, and every startup process your hard disk made noise, so don’t worry… The software I would discuss later could be solution to overcome your problem.

Startup Faster! That’s the software we’d talk about in this article. Startup Faster is a Windows software which is able to make startup process in your computer become faster. For you who have no idea what startup process is, startup is loading process when your computer on, starting from the Windows open at the first time until the loading process is done.

Make Your Computer Startup Faster with Startup Faster

Make Your Computer Startup Faster with Startup Faster

Some problem occurred often when startup process are slow startup process, even more than 5 minutes and noise from hard disk appear when the start up process held. Aside made us annoyed for waiting too long, hard disk also could be crash and impaired.

The problem occurred since in startup process, there are so many program loaded by Windows startup at the same time or often named “Autorun Program”.

Startup Faster make your startup process faster by arranging load time and disk load for each autorun program. It would made the startup process run faster and reduce the disk load amount in your computer’s hard disk. The result, your hard disk would be avoided from crash and you won’t wait too long to start your computer again.

For you who have interest to use Startup Faster, normally, this software is sold $29.99. But, in limited time, you could get full version license for free as a giveaway! Interesting? Follow these steps to get Startup Faster for Free:

1. Download Startup Faster here:


2. Double click sfsetup.exe

Double Click Installer to Install Startup Faster

3. Click on “Next”

Click on Next to Install Startup Faster

4. Select “I Accept..” and click on “Next”

Select I accept..and Click on Next to Install Startup Faster

5. Click on “Next” several times, then click on “Install”

Click on Next several times to Install Startup Faster

Click on Install to Install Startup Faster

6. Click on “Finish”

Click on Finish, Startup Faster Installation has Completed

7. Open Startup Faster and click on “Enter Code”

Click on Enter Code to Activate Startup Faster

8. enter the license code below and click on “OK”

Name : Czytelnik
Registration Code : 000015-9B1CQ6-TCVP2T-NT27CC-48Q8GE-4325VE-J2H13N-21K2M4-1MAUB1-EVDH92

Enter License Code and Click OK to Activate Startup Faster

9. Activation process has succeed, Click on “OK”

Click OK, Startup Faster has successfully activated

Now you could enjoy Startup Faster valued $29.99 for Free.


My Review about Startup Faster:


What Startup Faster did is managing load of each autorun program so it wouldn’t run at the same time. Startup Faster gives gap to load each autorun program for 4 seconds. It is proven to make startup process faster 3 times than before, and made the disk load lighter. You could manage the autorun program loaded order, so it could run as the order list you wanted.


Since it working by made autorun program load in order not run at the same time, the last program on the list would open last. If you didn’t manage the autorun program order as you wanted, the program that you wanted first could be loaded last. In a rare case, it’s also not compatible with some of tweak software such as auslogics bootspeed or other tweak software like that.

Final Verdict:

Not Bad! My Rating for Startup Faster is 7 from 10.

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