Manage your file and disk with Disk Boss Pro!

Disk Boss File & Disk Manager is a software you can use to manage and organize your file and hard disk easily. Things such as detecting and erasing duplicate files, analyzing the size of disk space, classifying file, organizing and arranging file as you want to, synchronizing disk and directories, cleaning hard disk from useless trash files, file management feature and other hard drive can be found in this Disk Boss File & Disk Manager software.

Manage your file and disk with Disk Boss Pro!

Disk Boss File & Disk Manager is easy to use since its function and operation are integrated in user-friendly graphic user interface. Equipped with various action button you can use to run all feature you wanted. Disk Boss File & Disk Manager also made you possible to make your own order and the order can be accessed directly from GUI Disk Boss File & Disk Manager or through shortcuts in your desktop. This Disk Boss File & Disk Manager is truly flexible since you can customize it and raise its ability as you needed.

Manage your file and disk with Disk Boss Pro!

For you who are an IT administrators, Disk Boss File & Disk Manager provides database integration facility you can use to export all report in SQL Database form. By this feature, you can use file report and disk management from many servers and computers in one centered database. So you can make report in chart, etc as you wanted to.

Normally, Disk Boss Pro sold $25, but if you were lucky, you’d have a chance to get one of 50 licenses shared by DiskBoss developer for free! How? Just follow these steps:

1. Register as member of this forum (free) :


2. Please open this forum’s thread:

3. Reply the thread before May 29th 00:00 (EST).

Reply on this thread

4. In May 30th at local time, there would be some kind of election to choose 50 people in random who will get each 1 license of Disk Boss Pro valued $25.

Note: there are some rules you should follow, such as:

1. 1 reply for 1 person
2. Reply content is about introducing yourself or making comment about Disk Boss Pro software.
3. Reply should be posted before May 29th 2011 hour: 00:00 EST time.

By using this Disk Boss Pro, you can manage and arrange your file and disk fast and easy. I hope you can be one of 50 lucky people. Have a good try :)

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