Protect Your Adobe Flash SWF Files with SWF Encrypt!

If you were a game flash, flash movie, flash animation, and other SWF file maker, you should have this SWF Encrypt software! Why? Because this SWF Encrypt would protect your SWF file from SWF Decompiler software which are spread massively in the internet.

By the spread of SWF Decompiler software recently, many animation developer who used Adobe Flash became restless since the SWF Decompiler technology is able to make people to convert SWF file into edited file, and steal the actionscript codes.

Protect your Adobe Flash SWF file with SWF Encrypt!

It won’t happen again if you use SWF Encrypt. SWF Encrypt is a software you can use to avoid SWF reserve engineering and SWF decompiling. SWF Encrypt would encrypt your SWF file, so that no one could steal your Adobe Flash ActionScript code.

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What could be protected and encrypted by SWF Encrypt?

1. SWF Resource : SWF Encrypt will encrypt all resource in your PDF file including image, symbol, graphic and audio file!

2. Adobe Air : SWF Encrypt will also encrypt Adobe Air!

3. ActionScript code: SWF Encrypt will encrypt your ActionScript code you used in your SWF file!

Recently, SWF Encrypt has reached version 6 and sold for $145 each personal license. But you’re lucky that you can get SWF Encrypt 4 license for free! How to get it? Follow these guidance:

1. Visit this site:


2. Fill in your detail data in existing form and click on Generate Free 4.x License

Fill in your details data to get SWF Encrypt License for free

3. A page contains SWF Encrypt 4 serial number would be appeared, the link download will be opened. Save the serial number on notepad, then click on “Click Here to Download SWF Encrypt” link.

Copy SWF Encrypt Serial Number and Click the Download Link

4. a download page will be opened, click on one link to download it

Click Download Link to Download SWF Encrypt

5. Double click on installer SWF Encrypt 4.

Double Click SWF Encrypt Installer

6. Click on Next.

Click on Next to Install SWF Encrypt

7. Select “I Accept..” and Click on “Next” several times

Select I Accept..and Click on Next several times

8. Click on Install and click on Finish if the installation processes has done.

Click on Install to Install SWF Encrypt

9. Open SWF Encrypt 4 and put the license you’ve got and Click on OK.

Insert SWF Encrypt License and Click OK

To use SWF Encrypt 4, Macromedia Flash Player should be installed on your computer.


My Review about SWF Encrypt 4

It could be free solution for you, SWF file developer to avoid your work stolen by somebody.

SWF Encrypt 4 is an old version of the latest SWF Encrypt which now has reached version 6. This SWF Encrypt 4 is only able to use for Flash 6, Flash 7 and Flash 8.

Final Verdict:
Not Bad! You can install it if you were user of flash 8 version and below, and you wanted to protect your work. My rate for this SWF Encrypt 4 is 7 from 10.

Chris Febian is the founder of He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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