Recover Disk Space and Protect Your Privacy with Platinum Guard! (Giveaway)

Platinum Guard is a paid cleaning utility software which has similiar features like CCleaner. It specially design for Microsoft Windows XP, 2003m 2008, Vista and 7 and could recover disk space and protect your privacy data. Normally Platinum Guard is sold for $13.99, but in a limited time you could get it for free as a giveaway from reohix, Platinum Guard Developer.

Platinum Guard isusing multiple levels of validation and routine checks before it delete trash files on your computer. It would not delete any useful files and informations which might still be needed by your computer.

Recover Disk Space and Protect Your Privacy with Platinum Guard

Recover Disk Space and Protect Your Privacy with Platinum Guard

These are the features of Platinum Guard 4.0 :

1. Clean your computer system with 1 click only.

2. Clear cache, history, download history, form history and cookies from most of all popular browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

3. Clean trash files on your computer such as microsoft windows temporary files, recycle Bin, recent open and save list, recent documents list, local temporary files, clipboard contents, system restore files, rum menu entries, windows DNS cache and also could clear a specified custom directory.

4. It could decompresses old compressed files.

5. It could defragments and vacuums mozilla firefox’s SQLite database.

When Platinum Guard installed on your computer, it will help you to clean your hard disk, protect your privacy, and avoid information tracking by websites and other third party. You can download Platinum Guard 4 for free by following this method below:

1. Download Platinum Guard from it’s giveaway download link below:


2. Install Platinum Guard, it automatically activated without any serial number needed.

In compare with CCleaner, I personally prefer to use CCleaner than Platinum Guard 4. Beside it’s updated regularly, it also has deeper cleaning features than Platinum Guard 4. You could get CCleaner for free here and don’t forget to download CCAuto Updater to update CCleaner automatically. Please also note that Platinum Guard 4 is rather old software which released on 21th december 2009 (based on it’s changelog date), and CCleaner has just updated few days ago!

I don’t know when this giveaway will expire but it still a great deal to get this $13.99 software for free. If you think Platinum Guard 4 is useful for you, grab it now before you’re too late.

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