Recover Your Lost Data with iolo Search and Recover!

Data which lost accidentally, often frustrated us. Document, photo, music, or any data lost upset us. Moreover, if the lost data is important data. Previously I’ve discussed some software you can use to return your lost data, such as Recuva File Recovery, EAESUS Data Recovery, iCare Format Recovery, and Wondershare office Recovery. Since most of the software has expired its free time (except Recuva which is freeware), now I will discuss one more software you can use to recover your lost data. This software is iolo Search and Recover!

Return Your Lost Data with iolo Search and Recover!

iolo Search and Recover is a file recovery software you can use to return your incidentally erased data like photo, file, song, email, video even files which lost for years only with one click!

Normally, this iolo Search and Recover software is sold $39.95, but in limited time and a little luck, you can get it for free!

iolo Search and Recover can help you to retrun data from various devices, such as:

1. Data from digital media such as camera, music player, CDs, DVDs, Memory card, flash drives and still many more.
2. Data from hard drive with various type starting from IDE, SCSI, USB 2.0, FireWire and others.
3. Data from email client program such as Outlook, outlook express, Thunderbird, Netscape Mail and Eudora.
4. Data from your formatted, got partition, malfunction, even from broken devices.

For you who wanted to have this iolo Search and Recover software for free, you can get it by:

1. Visit this site:


2. Click on “Continue” button

Click on Continue to get iolo Search and Recover

3. Click on “Redeem a coupon” link and insert this coupon code in column provided.


4. Click on register

Click on Register get iolo Search and Recover

5. Price you should pay will become $0.00 (previously $39.95). Click on “Secure Checkout” button

Click on check out to get iolo Search and Recover

6. Fill in data needed correctly, then click on “Review order”

Fill form and clic on review order

7. Click on submit order

Click on Submit order to get iolo Search and Recover!

8. Wait for several minutes, team from iolo will do manual review and license, and download iolo Search and Recover link will be sent to email you registered.

9. Install iolo Search and Recover and uses the license you’ve got to activate it into Full version.

Thing you should remember is, team from iolo Search and Recover will do manual review before send their license to you. So please fill in your data with correct data and wait few minutes to several hours to get iolo Search and Recover license and download link in your email.

By iolo Search and Recover, returning lost data will be fast and easy. You don’t have to afraid your important data lost suddenly whether in purpose or not. Enjoy trying :)

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