Save up to 70% Ink and Toner Costs with PretonSaver! (Giveaway)

Printing documents, ebooks, photos, and even my own blog’s articles cost me hundreds of bucks every month. And you might be have the same experience with me too. Luckily I’ve found PretonSaver giveaway which could give you PretonSaver Home edition license for free! Believe it or not…PretonSaver could reduce printer’s Ink and Toner usage up to 70% and of course it will save our ink and toner costs too!

Save up to 70% Ink and Toner Costs with PretonSaver!

What is the PretonSaver Home Edition benefit for us?

Technology used by PretonSaver help us to save printer’s ink and toner usage while printing documents, ebooks, presentation, photos, web pages, etc without reduce its quality. It will dramatically reduce ink and toner usage between 0% – 70% based on what kind of documents you printed and based on your setting too.

By reducing ink and toner usage, of course it will save up to 70% ink and toner costs. It will very useful if you are a home based office owner or startup office which need to reduce cost as much as possible.

How PretonSaver Home Edition Could Save Ink and Toner Usage?

PretonSaver combine multiple technologies to reduce ink and toner usage. It use Pixel optimizer and Elements Identifier technology.

Pixel Optimizer is advanced algorithms to identify and delete wasteful overlapped pixel. Overlapped pixels caused by the difference of printer pixels (round) and screen pixels (square). delete this wasteful overlapped pixel will dramatically reduced ink and toner usage.

Pixel Optimizer Technology on PretonSaver Home Edition

Elements Identifier technology is intelegent technology to identify images, text and graphics and give them different treatment on ink and toner savings. Savings can be higher on text than on graphics or picture without degrading their quality. That’s why PretonSaver could reduce ink and toner usage smartly without reduce printing output quality.

Elements Identifier technology on PretonSaver Home Edition

How to get PretonSaver for Free as a giveaway?

Normally, pretonsaver home edition sold for $34.95, but in a limited time, you could get it for free as a giveaway. Simply follow these steps below:

1. Visit this pretonsaver giveaway page to request pretonsaver home edition license:


2. Fill in the forms with your contact information anc click on submit button.

Fill in the forms and Click on Submit Button

3. Login to your email and open an email from PretonSaver.

4. You’ve got you PretonSaver Home Edition License and also PretonSaver Home Edition download link.

PretonSaver Home Edition License and download link

5. Download and Install Pretonsaver Home Edition and activate using the license code you’ve got before.

Note: You should activate PretonSaver within 24 hours or your license becomes invalid!


My Review about PretonSaver Home Edition

The Good of PretonSaver Home Edition

Pretonsaver is a great savings software. It could saves me about 40% monthly on printer ink and toner cost without too much reduce my printing quality.

The Bad of PretonSaver Home Edition

Unfortunately, pretonsaver also affect to virtual PDF printer. I’m using Sonic PDF Creator and Fox Tab PDF Creator to create PDF documents and both of them used virtual PDF printer. When I print documents using virtual PDF printer, my PDF documents just looks like a draft. Even when we can disable PretonSaver each time we want to convert documents to PDF documents, it still a bit annoying.

Final Verdict

PretonSaver Home Edition is Recommended to install!

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