Sothink Web Video Downloader Giveaway Winners Announcement

All participants of Sothink Web Video Downloader giveaway event might be waiting for this announcement to be published. Today, we’re greatly loved to announce that 10 lucky winners of Sothink Web Video Downloader giveaway event has selected randomly through There are 22 participants, and these are the 10 lucky participants who will get Sothink Web Video Downloader license:

10 lucky participants who will get Sothink Web Video Downloader license

1. armin
2. Buntydee
3. alexB
4. argeesy
5. Martik
6. Kizz_20002000
7. Darko
8. Pradeep Singha
9. my_immortalize
10. heiko

Congratulations for all Sothink Web Video Downloader giveaway winners. Please be patient, we will send Sothink Web Video Downloader full version licenses in a day or two.

Thanks for all participants who has joined this giveaway event. Special thanks to Sothink who gives away 10 licenses of Sothink Web Video Downloader to our readers.

Readers who have missed this giveaway event could join at another spyontech giveaway event. Currently, we are open the CollageIt Pro giveaway event and give away 20 full version licenses for FREE!

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  • malkhaz

    Congratulations to the winners! Thanks Chris!

    • Chris Febian

      Thanks for your kind words, Malkhaz…I wish you’re lucky on the next spyontech giveaway event :)

  • Darko

    Thank you Chris! Congrats to the other lucky winners.


    • Chris Febian

      thanks Darko, congratulations! :)

  • Buntydee

    Thanx Chris

    • Chris Febian

      your welcome, Buntydee. Congratz! :)

  • Darko


    I have a question for the winners of this giveaway. Did you get a license? I have not received and therefore pose the question.

    • Chris Febian

      Hi Darko,

      Please check your email, I have sent the license to your email.
      All winners also please check your email guys :)

      Sorry for the delay :)

      • Darko

        Everything is all right Chris. Today I received email with the license. Once again, thank you very much.

        Best regards

        • Chris Febian

          Great to hear that you have received the license :)

  • Chris Febian

    @All:disqus  : the license has been sent to your email..please check your inbox :)
    Sorry for the delay :)

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