Spying Packet Data in your Network by LayerView Packet Sniffer

If you connected with an internet network, you will be able to spy all data exchange which in and out of your computer with Packet Sniffer Software. Packet Sniffer is a tool you could use to catch and view packet data in your network. Packet Sniffer is very useful to analyze traffic and your data exchange in your computer network.

Spying Packet Data in your Network by LayerView Packet Sniffer

Spying Packet Data in your Network by LayerView Packet Sniffer

Packet Sniffer in its early release was made to protect and secure network, watching mistake data package and using the data to solve network problem like traffic stuck and inefficient data transmission.

But since the existence of Packet Sniffer in a network is so hard to detect and has no track in the system, many people misused this Packet Sniffer Software to spy data package in a network for negative purpose, such as stealing other people password and username, reading other people’s chat, etc.

One of popular Packet Sniffer software is LayerView. Layerview is one of Packet Sniffer software which is light, fast, and easy to be used. Normally, this LayerView sold $39 for Home License version. But in limited time, you could get it for free as a giveaway! How? Follow the steps below:

1. Visit the link below:



2. Input your valid email address and click on “Email License” button

Input your valid email address to get LayerView Packet Sniffer for free!

3. a page contained download link software and license would be opened, please download software and license from LayerView.

Download LayerView Packet Sniffer Software and License Key

4. Double click on LayerView Installer and started to install it.

5. When there is a time to activate its license, click on “Enter License” then browse place where you keep “layerview.license” file, then click on “Apply License” button.

Enter License to Activate LayerView Packet Sniffer

6. your LayerView license has activated and ready to use

Your LayerView Packet Sniffer has successfully activated

By this layerview Packet Sniffer software, you could see and analyze data traffic in and out of the network you used. Try it!

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