The Secret to Rip Protected DVDs with MacX iMKVmaker Revealed (Giveaways)

Rip protected DVDs to MKV is not easy as it looks. You need a software that allows you to rip those kinds of DVDs, and it’s not easy to find that software for free. But now I’m going to show you the secret how to download MacX iMKVmaker for free. Normally, this software sold for $35.95 and by following these steps can download it for free as a giveaway from the developer.

iMKVmaker is an easy to use MKV ripper that allows you to rip protected and encrypted DVDs. You can rip any protected and encrypted DVDs to MKV, iPhone, iPod and iPad with original quality. iMKVmaker allow you to rip large number of your DVD collections and rip them into your hard drive without losing its quality.

iMKVmaker Full Version to Rip Copy Protected and Encrypted DVDs

iMKVmaker Full Version to Rip Copy Protected and Encrypted DVDs

When rip DVDs, iMKVmaker will decrypt it first, rip it, then convert it to the video format you want. Make it possible for you to rip protected and encrypted DVDs and watch it on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

These are the features of iMKVmaker that you can enjoy for free:

1. Support source from DVD Disc and Video TS folder.
2. Support MKV and MP4 video output formats
3. Allow you to play output video on popular portable device such as iPhone, iPad and iPod.
4. Remove CSS encryption, all region protection, Sony ARccOS protection, and APS.
5. Allow you to Rip Disney DVD wth new copy protection.
6. Rip DVDs with no major compression to keep the video output quality.
7. Fast ripping progress.

To get iMKVmaker for free as giveaways, you can follow these step by step tutorials below :

1. This giveaway is valid before Jan 27, 2011
2. Visit this link to get your free copy of iMKVmaker :


3. Click “Download Mac Version Button”

Click Download Button

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4. Install iMKVmaker on your Mac OS device.
5. Activate iMKVmaker using this license below.


Please note that you should activate this software before Jan 27, 2011.
6. Enjoy iMKVmaker full version for free!

Congratulation, now you have iMKVmaker for free, and you can start to rip any DVDs you want into MKV and MP4 video format.

This is a quick start guide how to use iMKVmaker to rip your NON PROTECTED DVDs:

1. Open iMKVmaker
2. Load DVD Movies or DVD folder (video TS) then chose which videos you want to rip.

Load DVD to iMKVmaker

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3. Choose the output video formats and set the output video quality based on your needs.

Choose Output Format and the Output Quality

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4. For optional, you can select subtitle and audio track only if you want to rip multi track DVD.

Select Title and Track (Optional)

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5. Specify an output folder on your computer to save the output files.

Specify output Folder

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6. Start ripping progress by clicking “RUN” button.

These are quick start guide how to use iMKVmaker to rip your COPY PROTECTED or ENCRIPTED DVDs :

1. Play your copy protected DVD and when it comes to the main video content, check the DVD title and record the title number.

2. Open iMKVmaker and load the DVD disk or insert DVD folder.

3. Select the correct main video’s title you have recorded before.

Select the Correct title Number

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4. Select output target to save the output video and click “RUN” button.

Start Rip Encripted and Protected DVD

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That’s all. Now you can convert and rip any Protected and Encripted DVDs you have in an easy and fast way using this iMKVmaker software. You can install this iMKVmaker in Mac OS device. The secret to convert copy protected and encripted DVds has been revealed..enjoy it!

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