This is how I Get Free McAfee SiteAdvisor!

You’re surely familiar with McAfee SiteAdvisor, aren’t you? In this article, I would show you how to get Free McAfee SiteAdvisor. McAfee SiteAdvisor normally sold $19.99 for a year license, whereas in this simple way, you can download McAfee SiteAdvisor for free for 1 year license! Free McAfee SiteAdvisor you’ll get this way is McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus with complete McAfee SiteAdvisor toolbar, just like McAfee SiteAdvisor Firefox, McAfee SiteAdvisor Chrome and McAfee SiteAdvisor Internet Explorer.

This is how I Get Free McAfee SiteAdvisor!

Before you downloaded this McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus for free, it would be good for you to find out about some benefits of McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus:

1. McAfee SiteAdvisor would stop you to enter dangerous site when you do searching from Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, or Ask. McAfee SiteAdvisor would give safety rating beside search engine results.

2. McAfee SiteAdvisor would give information about website security level you visited in browsing.

3. McAfee SiteAdvisor would protect you from phising activity

4. McAfee SiteAdvisor would do checking on each link you received, whether in email, instant messenger, etc.

5. McAfee SiteAdvisor would give detail test of each site you wanted just by one click.

To get all of those full version features from McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus above, you don’t have to pay $19.99 just like it used to be. Here is how I got Free McAfee SiteAdvisor with full version license for 1 year:

1. Visit this Free McAfee SiteAdvisor page

2. Click on Download Now button to start downloading McAfee SiteAdvisor.

Click on Download Now button

3. If you already have McAfee account, just login directly. But if you haven’t, do free register on the page

4. After you registered and login into your McAfee account, access “Go to My Account” menu and click on “Offline Installation”

5. Select download menu to download McAfee SiteAdvisor, then just install and insert your account data when you asked for it in installation process.

By above steps, you’ll get McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus without $19.99 cost. It’s easy, isn’t it?

After McAfee SiteAdvisor is installed on your computer, McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar will be automatically displayed on your computer browser. McAfee SiteAdvisor Firefox, McAfee SiteAdvisor Chrome and McAfee SiteAdvisor Internet Explorer will make you safer and more comfort when surfing on the net by using your favorite browser.

Unfortunately, although there already existed McAfee SiteAdvisor for Mac OS, McAfee still hasn’t provided McAfee SiteAdvisor Safari component which supported safari browser. I hope this McAfee SiteAdvisor Review also the tips to get Free McAfee SiteAdvisor could be worth for you.

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