Tips to Restore Erased File with iCare Data Recovery

If you want to restore erased file easily, iCare Data Recovery can be your choice. Normally, iCare Data Recovery Standard is sold $69.95 per license. But, it’s not Spyontech if we don’t provide you how to get it for free and legal. Yup. In this article, I’ll show you how to get legal license of iCare Data Recovery Standard. Besides, I’ll give you a bit description about how to restore erased file using this premium software.

What is iCare Data Recovery?


iCare Data Recovery is a recovery software which can be used to restore lost data, for example, caused by deletion, virus, error partition, etc. Not just that, iCare Data Recovery even can be used to restore formatted file! This data recovery software is far more rich of features compared with another recovery software such as EASEUS Data Recovery, iolo Search and Recover, Recuva or Data Recovery Wizard.

What are iCare Data Recovery features?

To support you in searching deleted files, iCare Data Recovery is equipped with various features, such as:

1. Restoring various deleted data, started from document, photo, picture, video, music, email, and other files.

2. Restoring lost data in any storage media such as external hard disk, flash disk, memory card, memory stick, Micro SD, pen stick and other media storage.

3. Restoring data from RAW hard drive.

4. Restoring lost or deleted data from Recycle Bin.

5. Restoring formatted file, even after re-installing Windows.

6. Recovered system after crashed hard disk or booting failure.

7. Restoring lost file caused by error partition.

8. Supporting various system file includes FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS/NTFS5, Mac HFS, HFS+

9. Recovering RAID file even after damaged.

10. dynamic Disk file recovery.

11. Support hard disk to 2TB capacity

12. It can be used in Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Server 2008, 2003, also 2000 operating system.

Who will need iCare Data Recovery?

All people who want to return deleted, lost, or formatted file, can take benefit from this software. Lost important data can be saved!
You’ve already got small description about iCare Data Recovery software, now it’s time for the most awaited question:

How to get legal license of iCare Data Recovery Standard for free?

Relax… It’s not quite difficult. Just follow this short guidance:

1. Download and install iCare Data Recovery Standard

iCare Data Recovery Standard Installer

2. After it’s installed, run iCare Data Recovery Standard and click on Register


3. Insert this legal license


PS : in activating process, you should connect the internet.


4. Your iCare Data Recovery Standard is already active, now close and re-open it to restart the software.


Now iCare Data Recovery Standard is ready to be used.

Remember, promotion above is limited! It should be expired on previous 12 April 2012, but I’ve just tried it and it’s still available. For you who don’t want to miss this $69.95 valued software, download it quickly and install before too late. If you late, don’t be mad at me ^^

How to restore erased file by iCare Data Recovery?

To restore erased, lost, formatted file, etc, just open iCare Data Recovery and select one of four scanning methods provided. For example, I chose Advanced File Recovery


After that, select drive you want to recover and click on Recover


iCare Data Recovery will start scanning to find various lost or erased files.


After scanning process is finished, you can directly select partition with the most File Match. Then click on Show Files.


Tick on file or folder you want to restore and click on Save File.


That’s it. Easy, isn’t it?

Now you don’t have to be panic when your file erased, lost, even formatted unconsciously! But you need to remember, there’s no perfect software. iCare Data Recovery sometimes cannot find all lost file completely. However, I really recommend this software as your recovery data software.

Pretty long article for today, is it? I hope it would be useful. Don’t get bored to visit Spyontech, alright. Thank you ^^

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