Update Driver Automatically with Driver Magician

Driver is a connection key between hardware with your windows operating system. In order to make your hardware work optimally, your hardware drivers should be up to date. It’s too bad there’s no automatic update driver in default windows. That’s why at last there’s software which is able to arrange your operating system update driver automatically. This software is Driver Magician.

Update Driver Automatically with Driver Magician

Driver Magician is a premium software you can use to management your computer driver, started from driver backup, restoring driver, updating driver, and uninstalling driver in your windows computer. By up to date driver, your computer will run optimally.

Other benefits you can get from Driver Magician software is, you can easily backup all or part of your driver in folder you wanted, then restore it again whenever you want to. So, when you have finished re-install, you don’t need to re-install your driver one by one. Just restore, and all driver would be installed as before.

In doing its function, Driver Magician has some main features, they are:

1. Backup Device Driver feature to back up all or part of driver installed in your computer.
2. Restore Device Driver feature to restore your backup driver with one click.
3. update driver feature to detect all your hardware and update its driver if what installed in your computer still old driver.
4. Uninstall device driver feature
5. Detecting unknown device and unknown hardware then searching for its driver automatically.
6. displaying all information of your driver hardware in complete and detail way.
7. Cloning all drivers and make it as auto-setup package (.exe) so you can restore it without previously installed Driver Magician.

This Driver Magician could be used in computer with operating system Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, and windows 7 whether 32 bit or 64 bit.
For you who want this Driver Magician software, normally Driver Magician sold $29.95. But you’re lucky since in limited time, you can get it for free as giveaway! These are steps you should do!

1. Download Software Driver Magician here:



2. Do installation process

3. When installation process is over, open the software.

4. In the first time the software opened, there would be windows notification. Click on Register.

Register to get Driver Magician

5. Insert this Driver Magician Full version license, then click on OK :

Registration Name : Komputer Swiat
Registration Code : 05L64d9f1F-48E54

Insert License and click on OK to get Driver Magician

6. Driver Magician would be registered and become Full Version.

Your Driver Magician successfully activated

This Giveaway is presented by one of Poland computer magazine, Computer Swiat. By using Driver Magician, all your driver would be updated well, so all your hardware and system would run optimally.

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