uRex Video Converter Platinum Given Away for free again!

Once again uRex Video Converter is given away for free by uRexSoft. If previously uRex video converter giveaway was closed on previous October 10th 2011, now you can get it for free once again to next October 22nd 2011 by different way. How is that?

uRex Video Converter Platinum Given Away for free again!

1. Download installer uRex Video Converter here.

2. install and activate it by this license:

NB: you should activate uRex Video Converter before October 22nd 2011.

For you who haven’t found out uRex Video Converter features, you can read it in my previous article.

It seems like we’ll never run out free stock of video converter. Almost everyday, there’s always a new video converter for free. But today, there’s a different Video Converter than before, it is Video Converter R.I.P Steve Jobs special edition which you can also download for free.

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