Your Computer Became Slower? Make it Faster with Wise PC Engineer!

Computer which became slower made us upset while we working in front of our computer. There are so many factors caused our computer slower and there are also so many software could overcome this. Previously, I once discussed some software you can use to make your computer faster, such as WinUtilities Professional Edition, Auslogics BoostSpeed, Wintools.Net ultimate, SpeedUpMyPC 2011 and Startup Faster. For you who passed a chance to get the software for free, don’t worry since in this moment I will give you one more software you can use to make your computer faster. This software is Wise PC Engineer!

Your Computer Became Slower? Make it Faster with Wise PC Engineer!

Wise PC Engineer is a premium utility software you can use to keep your windows computer stay secure, clean, stable, and optimal.

There are some things can be done by Wise PC Engineer for you, such as:

1. Doing backup registry on your computer windows operating system.
2. Cleaning up your computer windows system registry through the waste registry entry.
3. Defragmenting your registry windows to be accessed faster.
4. Managing startup program run in your computer.
5. Cleaning your hard disk from unneeded files.
6. Defragmenting your hard disk to be accessed faster.
7. Returning your deleted file whether in purpose or not by using File Recovery feature.
8. It is able to hide file and folder you wanted securely.
9. It is able to lock file, folder or drive you wanted.
10. Optimizing your computer memory so that it will work optimally.
11. It has windows auto shutdown feature to turn off your computer automatically as you wanted.
12. You can use it to encrypt and decrypt an encryption of application in your computer.
13. It has 1-click Tune-up to fasten your computer with 1 click

Do you know that normally this Wise PC Engineer is sold $39.95? But don’t worry since for now you can get it for free and legal as giveaway. To get Wise PC Engineer for free, please follow this guidance:

1. Visit this site:


2. Fill in your name, email, and verification code in the place provided, then click on Submit button

Fill the forms to get Wise PC Engineer

3. After you click on submit button, Full Version installer from Wise PC Engineer (WPCEFull.exe) will be downloaded automatically.

4. Please install WPCFull.exe , This Wise PC Engineer will be installed directly into full version without activation of license code.

This Wise PC Engineer can be used in computer with Windows NT/ME/98, windows 2003, windows XP, windows 2008 server, windows vista and windows 7 whether for 32-bit or 64-bit operating system

By using this Wise PC Engineer, your computer can run in optimum condition and speed. There’s no news when this Wise PC Engineer giveaway wil be over. Faster you download would be better:)

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