Have you Update your Firefox Anda into Firefox 11?

Just to remind you, popular browser Mozilla Firefox has released their latest version, Firefox 11! Have you updated your Firefox?


This Firefox 11 has some maintenance and new features, some of them are:

1. Now Firefox 11 is able to transfer bookmark, history, and cookies from Google Chrome.
2. Add on now can be synchronized to your various computers through Sync feature.
3. Now Firefox 11 has already supported CSS text-size-adjust property.
4. Media Control HTML 5 video has been re-designed.
5. There are eight security bugs which have been closed, five of them are serious security bugs. It means that Firefox 11 is far safer than previous version.

For Firefox users who haven’t updated to version 11, you can update it directly from Firefox browser menu:

Help ==> About Firefox ==> Update

You can also download Firefox 11 here:

Firefox 11
Release Note

I hope this short information will be useful for you. :)

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