Have you updated your Firefox to the latest Firefox Version 10?

Yesterday, popular browser, Mozilla Firefox has just released its latest version, Mozilla Firefox Version 10. just as usual, in this new version, there’s always various new features and also crucial maintenance.

Some new features planted in this Firefox 10 are, concealing forward button. New forward button will be appeared after you do back navigation. Besides, Firefox 10 has implemented Anti-Aliasing for WebGL and has already supported CSS3-3D-Transform. It made Firefox 10 able to present website page smoother.


New features, which is the most important feature of Firefox 10 in my opinion is, most of addon will be compatible with the latest version of Firefox in default. Previously, after the latest Firefox version appeared, most of addon became uncompatible and should be “manually conformed to compatible”. From this Firefox 10, Almost all addon would be compatible in default.

In addition of new features, Firefox 10 also fixed to overcome crash happened often when user removing bookmark.

If you have not updated your Firefox to Firefox 10, I suggest you to update it now. Feel free to click here to download Mozilla Firefox 10 directly from its official site.

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