How to Get 4 Year License of Norman Security Suite for Free and Legal!

Do you know how much the value of Norman Security Suite license for 4 years? Yup. The value is about $300! But today, I’ll show you how to get Norman Security Suite license for 4 years free and legal. Do you want to know how?

Norman Security Suite is a computer security software package contains antispam, antiphising, antivirus, antispyware, parental control, also smart firewall.


By complete features and tools, Norman Security Suite can be your mainstay security software solution. This Norman Security Suite conforms you who still don’t have any security software installed in your computer.

To get Norman Security Suite license for 4 years for free and legal, it’s so easy. Just follow this short guidance:

1. Visit this page, and download installer as your computer (64 bit or 32 bit).


2. Install Norman Security Suite then run it.

3. After Norman Security Suite has been installed and run, click on Install and Update menu then click on “License Wizard”


4. a popup window contained Norman Security Suite license will be appeared. Click on Next then click on Finish.


5. Your Norman Security Suite has been activated with legal license for four years.


NB: Your computer should be connected with internet in installation and activation process.

By steps above, you have saved more than $300. My Norman Security Suite is active to 19 July 2017, which means more than 5 years long!
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