novaPDF Professional Desktop Edition Review

I have reviewed novaPDF several times, but it was novaPDF Lite Edition review. Today I’m going to review novaPDF Professional Desktop Edition, which allow you to create PDF files from any printable documents. Different with novaPDF Lite and novaPDF Standard that have limited functionality, novaPDF Professional Edition has all enabled features. Now let’s take a look closer at novaPDF Professional Edition features:

novaPDF Professional Desktop Edition Review

1. General feature.

Using novaPDF Professional desktop, you can print and create PDF files from any windows application. It will embed all images, formulas and even tables. novaPDF Professional desktop also supports multiple languages interface.

2. Page feature.

novaPDF Professional desktop lets you to create and manage predefined sizes. It makes you easier to zooming and scaling page up to 400%. Other page properties like page orientation, margins and page size are also customizable.

3. Graphic feature.

When you’re creating PDF files using novaPDF Professional Desktop, you can compress all images to get smaller PDF file size. It also allows you to convert all images to grayscale mode if you want to get lower file size results. This features is deactivated on novaPDF Lite edition.

4. Font Feature.

novaPDF Professional Desktop could keep your document style by embedding all fonts. It supports OpenType, TruType and Type1 fonts.

5. Document Info Feature.

You can insert document’s info like PDF title, subject, author, and also keywords to your documents. It allows you to set PDF viewer magnification, page layout and page panel.

6. PDF Signature Feature.

PDF Signature feature is only owned by novaPDF Professional Edition. Both of novaPDF Lite and Standard doesn’t have this feature. PDF Signature feature allows you to use system certificates, use signature from file, customize PDF signature, set signature position and also sign first, last or custom page.

7. PDF Links Feature.

This feature also owned by professional edition only. It will detect all URLs/local files and convert to PDF links. IT also customized PDF links appearance based on your setting.

8. Bookmark Feature.

novaPDF Lite doesn’t have this feature. It allows you to add multilingual bookmarks; match regardless of lever; set number of level, open to level; add multiple bookmark definitions; detect bookmark by font, size, style and color; display bookmark in different style and color.

9. Watermark Feature.

novaPDF Lite doesn’t have this feature. It allows you to create text and image watermarks on your PDF document.

10. Save PDF Feature.

This feature allows you to save your PDF documents easily, and it’s built in with add-ins for Microsoft office.

11. Overlay Feature.

This feature allows you to overlay documents with existing PDF file. You can custom the position of overlayed file. This feature only owned by novaPDF Professional Edition.

12. Email PDF Feature.

Only novaPDF Professional edition that has this feature. This feature allows you to send your PDF file as an attachment file (both of normal or zipped format) to any email address you want.

13. PDF Profile Feature.

novaPDF Professional Desktop allows you to define multiple private profiles. You can choose which PDF version you will use (1.3, 1.4, 1.5, or 1.6). It also makes possible for you to import or export PDF profiles.

14. Update and support feature.

Once you bought novaPDF Professional Desktop (or get it on Spyontech exclusive giveaway), you will get free updates and free technical support.

Now watch how’s novaPDF Professional Desktop in action:

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