P-Apps : Changing any kind of Software into Portable Software

Nowadays, mobility becomes certain demand, including for computer users. It made many developers made software into two versions, installer and portable. Even now, it’s not surprising cloud services get supporting users with high mobility. But surely not all software has its portable version. But don’t worry, it turns out there is P-Apps software which able to create portable version of any software you wanted. Are you curious?

Actually, there are some benefits if we use portable software:

1. Practical, portable software can be used without installing first.
2. It won’t make the computer slower because it doesn’t create any registry change just like installer software
3. Portable Software commonly only needs small memory resource, however, the usage sometimes a bit slower than installed software
4. You can run portable software directly from flash disk, portable hard disk, etc.
5. It can be run in any computer and anywhere (as long as operating system computer supported) without installing in the computer
6. You can run various software versions at once. Eg. Firefox version 5, 6, 7 and 8 can be run altogether after creating each portable version.

P-Apps appears as solution for you who prefer portable software, but your favorite software has no portable version

P-Apps is able to generate software you wanted into portable by capturing its installation version and create its portable version. In its process, P-Apps obliged you to install software you want to create into portable version. Here, you can use virtual system with VirtualBox.

Here is example when P-Apps is used to create portable version of Firefox:

1. Download P-Apps version 1 here
2. Install and run P-Apps
NB: process 2 to 9 can be done in VirtualBox or computer directly
3. Click on Prescan and click Next.



4. Install application you wanted to be portable. In this example, I will create Mozilla Firefox portable.



5. After software installation process finished, click on Next.


6. Select exe file suitable with the software you want to be portable, here is firefox.exe


7. Select system mode, you can select High Secured or other mode as you need. Click on Next.


8. Select folder location to store your portable version software. Click on Finish.


9. Now the software has changed into portable and ready to be used without installation process.


Here is P-Apps usage video I received from its official site

1. P-Apps only works for software with Windows platform. This Software supports all Windows operating system.
2. To make P-Apps working well, in your computer should be installed Microsoft Net Framework 3.5
3. P-Apps is still new software (recently is version 1). It surely has some bugs and still needs further development

So easy, isn’t it? Now you can create any software you wanted into portable.

Chris Febian is the founder of spyontech.com. He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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    Fine and superb portable application tool and it provides good support for the user and also value for money………..

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