PDFescape : Creating and Editing PDF File without Using Software

Online application or commonly mentioned as web app existence get more popular recently. It’s proven by various online application, started from financial application, work productivity application, office application, and still there are many application categories. Yesterday, I’ve discussed about MindMeister, one of free online Mind Mapping application. Now I will discuss about PDFescape, a PDF editor application you can use for free.

PDFescape is very useful for you who want to edit or create PDF File, but you don’t have PDF creator software such as Adobe PDF or Sonic PDF Creator. PDFescape makes you possible to create and edit PDF File without any software!


To start using PDFescape, you just have to visit this PDFescape page. After that, you can register or if you don’t want to bother yourself, you just have to login with your Google or Facebook account.


After you login, you can upload PDF File to be edited or create new PDF file.



Here are list of features you can use from your online PDFescape application for free:

1. PDF Reader Online
PDFescape is able to open PDF file, rotating, zooming, selecting text and copying it, finding text in PDF according to keyword you wanted, saving, downloading, also printing PDF documents.

2. PDF Editor Online
PDFescape is able to add text, shape, erase certain part (whiteout), etc to your PDF document. Besides, you can also move and erase certain page you wanted, create link to other PDF page or website url, changing PDF information tags, encrypting PDF document content with password, add some pictures in PDF file, also add signature in your PDF document.

3. PDF Form Filler Online
By PDFescape, you can fill in form with PDF format. You can fill it with text, check box, radio button, list, drop down menu, etc.

4. PDF Form Designer
PDFescape can add form in PDF File you have. Each form you added can be arranged its font type, font size, font color and other parameters.

5. PDF Annotator Online
You can add comments, annotation, note, or highlight text you wanted in your PDF file.

Surely the five PDF editor features above can be used without downloading or installing software. What you need are just browser and internet connection.

Different with free PDF Software which used to include watermark in their free version PDF creator, PDFescape is free from watermark and it doesn’t need registration (you can login with Google or Facebook account).
Simple and easy, isn’t it?

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