Placed Bing in Windows Computer Desktop by Bing Desktop

For you who have Android, it’s a common for you to watch Google Search Bar on Android Phone/tablet Desktop. Microsoft don’t want to be left behind. Yesterday, Microsoft has just released Bing Desktop to display Bing Search Bar in Windows computer desktop. What it looks like and what are its benefits? Let’s investigate it one by one.

What is Bing Desktop?

Bing Desktop is Microsoft-made application which is able to integrate Bing Search Bar in Windows computer. Besides, Bing Desktop also directly takes Bing Wallpaper to be Wallpaper in our Computer Desktop. It’s quite interesting, since Bing always changes its wallpaper with attractive wallpapers everyday.

What are the benefits of Bing Desktop?

1. By Bing Desktop, you can use Bing search engine fast, directly from Bing Search Bar on your computer desktop
2. Bing Desktop exchanges computer wallpaper as Bing wallpaper. As we know, Bing changes its background wallpaper everyday with attractive pictures. It helps us to overcome boring and make our computer desktop always be fresh.

How to use Bing Desktop?

First of all, you have to download Bing Desktop installer, directly from Microsoft.

Bing Desktop Installer

After that, you can run BingDesktopSetup.exe, install, and click on Finish if it’s already finished.


Tadaaa.. My Windows Desktop has filled with Bing wallpaper and Bing Search Bar.


To display or hide Bing Search Bar, you can use Windows+H shortcut

You can set Bing Search Bar position in the middle of desktop or above the desktop through the setting menu available.


It’s easy, isn’t it? Unfortunately, I’m a person who rare to use Bing to search for information. It’s probably because I feel comfortable using Google :D

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