Download Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview for Free!

Great news for Microsoft Office fans! Today Microsoft has released Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview, and you can download it for free!

For you who are not familiar with Customer Preview term, it is a Beta version for Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 2013 is also called as Office 15 or Office 365. in feature and display, there are many changes in this Microsoft Office 2013 compared with the previous Office version.

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview for Free!


Here are some new features you can find in Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview :

1. Integrated with Cloud

Cloud is getting popular recently. Microsoft won’t miss it too by integrating the technology in Office 2013. If you login to Microsoft account and open Office application, what you’re working will be stored in cloud automatically, so your data won’t be lost.

All document can also be stored in Microsoft SkyDrive or SharePoint, so you can work with many people at once when finishing the document you worked at.

2. Integrated with Social Network

In addition of reading email, now you can see Facebook and LikedIn update directly from Microsoft Outlook 2013. even you can chat with your work partner when cooperating in finishing certain document.

3. It has Metro display special from Windows 8

It looks like Microsoft strengthen their Windows 8 display in all of their product. It’s proven from Office 2013 display which is more identical with Windows 8. this latest office will also receive its best performance when used in Windows 8. Besides, Microsoft Office 2013 already support pen, touchscreen or standard keyboard.

By those new features, Microsoft Office 2013 can be only installed in computer with Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS. Internet usage still needed if you want to enjoy cloud feature offered.


Watching the promo video makes SOT really wanted to try it ^^ :

For you who want to enjoy and try Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview sensation, feel free to visit this page:


Click on Sign Up

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview for Free!

After that click on Try Now and select your country. Continued with click on Get Started

A login page will be opened, if you already have Hotmail account, just login to your hotmail account via right form. If you haven’t had it, just select Sign Up in the left form

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview for Free!

Click on Continue after login. A popup will appear. You can click on install to download Office 2013 launcher.

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview for Free!

A.exe file will be downloaded. Install the file and Office 2013 installation process will be started. This installation process will be established online, so, internet connection is an absolute needs :D

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview for Free!

You should be patient, since installation process taking quite long time, especially when your internet connection is just average. Among installation process, you will be asked to login to your hotmail account several time for synchronization.

Don’t worry with Microsoft Office application installed in your computer, since Office 2013 Consumer Preview won’t replace the Office. You can install them side by side.


When SOT tried this office 2013, SOT found some matters such as:

1. Installation process stopped for a moment since there’s a part of Office 2013 installer which detected as virus by Avast Antivirus. SOT’s sure this is a false positive or wrong detection.

2. Installation process run not smoothly, probably because the internet speed used by SOT is not so fast.

Tadaa.. after being patience waiting for some moments, finally SOT successfully enjoy the ‘taste’ of this Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview can be optimum if you have internet connection. If you don’t have, almost most of its new features would be useless and tasteless.

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