Your File is erased? Return it with FileWing Pro!

It’s not impossible that important files we had are disappeared because of various causes! It’s probably caused by virus, erased, or even intentionally erased by us. If you want to return the lost file, so FileWing Pro is one of software you can use. This software is normally sold $19.9. But as usual, I’ll show you how to get FileWing Pro for free and legal.


As recovery software, FileWing Pro has some features such as:

1. Doing check to erased-file in hard disk, USB flash disk, and other storage medias.

2. It’s able to return erased file as your choice. You can select according to file name or folder name.

3. It’s able to erase file safely using 7 different algorithms. By this method, file you had erased wouldn’t be able to return back (permanently erased).

4. Overwriting unused free space

5. FileWing Pro is able to return damaged file and fix it.

6. It has filter to make you easily select which file you want to return. Before scanning, you can select whether just document, music, video, or certain file you want to return.

To get FileWing Pro for free, just follow this guidance:

1. Download FileWing Pro installer from this page.


2. Install then run FileWing Pro.

3. Insert your email and your name, then click on “Get Free Unlock Code Now”


4. FileWing Pro would be active automatically.


FileWing Pro will help you to return erased files also repairing damaged file.

REMEMBER: FileWing Pro is free until December 31st, after that FileWing Pro won’t be free anymore.

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